Voicemail Personal Box Features

  • Max. number of Msg (new and saved) = Mgs
  • New Msg Retention = 28 days
  • Unplayed Msg Retention = 28 days
  • Played Msg Retention = 28 days
  • Incoming Msg Length= 5 min
  • Personal Greeting Length = 3 min

Logging into your Mailbox

  1. Dial 6497 - After you have entered your temporary passcode (your extension number), voicemail will prompt you through setting up your mailbox.
  2. The tutorial will ask you to enter a new passcode. (4-10 digits). Do not use 1111 or 1234 etc.
  3. The tutorial will then ask you record your personal greeting. (See Sample Greetings below.)
  4. The tutorial will have you record a name for your mailbox. Please say your first and last name for identification or your extension if you have more than 2 occupants. Do not give your room number.
  5. Listen to the instructions at the end. The system will give you helpful hints for using your personal mailbox.

Accessing Your Voicemail Box

From your campus phone

Dial 6497, voicemail will automatically send you into your mailbox and ask for your passcode. Enter in your passcode. The first time you log in your passcode will be the same as your extension.

From another campus phone with voicemail other than yours

Dial 6497, voicemail will log you into the person's voice mailbox that uses that phone. You need to press ** and your mailbox number.

From an off campus phone

Call 589-6497, when you hear the message "Welcome to the voice messaging system." enter * and your mailbox number.

Voicemail Commands

Playing Messages

  1. Access mailbox (enter 6497)
  2. enter passcode
  3. Press 7(P) to play.

Options While Playing a Message

  • To play the message again, press the 7(P)key.
  • To reply to or answer the message, press the 2(A)key.
  • To give the message to another subscriber, press the 4(G) key. Enter their mailbox number (ext.) press #, record your introduction, press #, press (X) key to send and exit.
  • To discard the message, press the 3(D)key.
  • To save or keep the message, press the 5(K) key.
  • To hear the time/date of message press 9(T) key.
  • To exit the system, press the 9(X) key.
  • During message playback:
    • press 1 to pause for 30 sec.
    • press * to move back 5 sec.
    • press # to move forward 5 sec.
    • press 8 to skip a message and leave it unheard.

User Options Menu

  • 4 (G) change Greeting
  • 6 (N) change Name
  • 7 (P) change Passcode
  • 8 (T) Tutorial
  • 9 (X) EXIT to the main menu

Making a Message

  1. Access your voicemail box, dial 6497
  2. enter your passcode
  3. Press 6(M)
  4. Enter mailbox you are making message for. Press # and record your message. When you are finished recording press # again.
  • 7 (R) Review message.
  • 3 (D) Discard message.
  • 2 (A) Append message.
  • 6 (M) to access message addressing options.
  • 9 (X) to send message & exit (or listen for further options).

Changing Your Name

  1. Press 8(U) for user options.
  2. Press 6(N) for name.
  3. Record a new name for your mailbox, press# when you are finished recording.
  • 7 (R) Review your name.
  • 3 (D) Discard your name and re-record press.
  • 9 (X) Exit and save.

Changing Your Passcode

  1. Press 8(U) for user options.
  2. Press 7(P) for greeting.
  3. Enter a new passcode (4-10 digits).
  • 9 (X) Exit and save.
  • 3 (D) Discard and enter a new passcode

Helpful Hints and Reminders

  • To bypass a personal greeting press 2
  • While in voicemail you may press # and dial a person’s extension.
  • To transfer a call directly to a personal mailbox from your campus extension, dial 6497 (wait for voicemail to answer), then press* and the mailbox number (phone ext. number), then release or hang up the phone.
  • Keep your greeting update.
  • When you leave a message for someone on the system you may press 1 for more options.
  • Once a message is discarded it cannot be retrieved.


It is important that you carefully compose and record a personal greeting. Your greeting invites callers to leave you a message. Your greeting may contain the following elements:

  • Please state your name.
  • Explain why you are not taking calls and when you will be listening to your messages (i.e. day, date, meetings, out of the office).
  • Ask the caller to leave a detailed message. Knowing details will enable you to be prepared when you return the call or avoid the necessity of a return call.
  • State when you will return calls (i.e. as soon as possible, the next business day).
  • Offer the caller the option of dialing “0” to reach a “live” person.
  • Instruct the frequent callers that they can bypass your personal greeting by pressing the 9(X) key.

Sample Greetings

Standard Personalized Greeting : (All Users)

Hello, this is the voicemail of (your name). I am unavailable to take your call at this time. Please leave a detailed message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Daily Greeting: (Faculty and Staff)

This is (your name). Today is (day/date). I will be out of the office or away from the phone for (whatever reason). Please leave a detailed message with your name and number and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. If you need immediate assistance, please dial “0” during the hours of ________ to ______ Monday thru Friday.

Extended Absence Greeting

Hello, this is the voicemail of (your name). I’ll be out of the office until (month/day). If you need assistance before this date please contact (co-worker’s name) by dialing ext xxxx at this time.