Student Accounts

New Students

Student email accounts are created upon application not matriculation. So a student with the following listing will also have email: Last registration: Applied for admission.

Two Factor Authentication

While initiating your account or changing your password you may be prompted to enable DUO Security Two-Factor Authentication where you will need to enroll your device (personal cellphone, landline, or token). 

Student Leaving the U Without a Degree

Email goes away after a semester plus a grace semester and summer doesn't count, so if I last registered in spring 2010, summer doesn't count, fall is the grace semester and if I still don't register in spring 2011, email will go away after the add/drop period is over.

  • The Internet ID remains active for 5 years.

Student Leaving the U With a Degree

Email is available for life, but you must access it every 3 months or so to keep it active.

After Graduation

After graduation your account remains with the University of Minnesota, but your access to different tools provided by the University my change.

University Tools after graduation