Rodney A. Briggs Library
+1 320 589 6150


2 Windows computers

The Technology Help Desk is located in Briggs Library 250 and provides assistance with computer software and hardware issues. The Help Desk is the primary contact for students, faculty and staff to get help with technology and to report issues with on-campus facilities.

The Help Desk is also available to faculty, staff and students for help and instruction in using online University of Minnesota systems as well as training and instruction with assorted academic-related software.

All of the services the Help Desk offers are provided free of cost for current students. The Help Desk also assists students in purchasing software provided at academic discounted rates through the University of Minnesota. Some of the most common tasks that the Help Desk can assist with:

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you’re having any troubles with anything technology related, the Help Desk should be your first stop towards getting your problem resolved.