RESNET Server and Remote Access Policy

Students are permitted to configure their machines as servers with authorization from Information Technology. In the context of this policy, a server refers to any means by which a computer is set up so that it can be accessed from a remote location via the network. This can include but is not limited to WWW, FTP, file sharing, and user accounts. Campus technology support services provide no support for configuration or maintenance of servers.

Registration of a server implies that the student understands these risks and accepts full responsibility for the security of the server.

The following rules govern Resnet servers:

  1. All servers (i.e. all situations where others can remotely access your machine) must be registered with and approved by Information Technology.
    1. Registration is accomplished by filling out and submitting the appropriate form and receiving approval from the Resnet administrator.
    2. Information Technology reserves the right to monitor the network and perform network traffic analysis. Discovery of unapproved servers may result in temporary or permanent revocation of network access privileges.
  2. Servers may not be used for commercial purposes.
  3. Students may not distribute network services to others. PPP and SLIP servers are prohibited.
  4. Account-based systems may not be set up to provide access for users external to the Morris campus.
  5. Server activity must not interfere with the use of the network by other users.
    1. Information Technology will monitor the volume of network activity on all segments. If a Resnet server causes network congestion or interferes with other network traffic, Information Technology will take action to restrict or close server access. Information Technology reserves the right to set limits on public use of servers on the Morris campus network.
  6. Game servers are not allowed.
  7. All use of and content on a student-run server is the sole responsibility of that student. Beyond the initial registration of the server, Information Technology is not involved in or responsible for any activity or content on the server.
    1. The student must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws. Obscene or harassing messages to any Internet user or group are illegal. Copying or distributing of commercial software is illegal. Use of copyrighted materials must be consistent with U.S. copyright laws.
    2. A student-run server may not be presented as an official service of the University of Minnesota, Morris.

Administration and enforcement of these policies is the responsibility of Information Technology. Violations may result in temporary or permanent revocation of network access privileges. Serious violations will be referred to the Student Behavior Committee and may result in other penalties including suspension, expulsion, or criminal prosecution.