Residential Network Usage Policy

Acceptable use of the campus network can include

  • You may install other software packages and Internet applications, including www browsers, on your own computer’s hard disk. You must install and support these applications yourself.
  • You may attach authorized devices (including desktop/laptop computers and gaming consoles) to the network.
  • You may set up a computer to act as a server according to guidelines published by Information Technology. Consult the Resnet Server/Remote Access Policy for details on this.

Unacceptable use of the campus network can include

  • You must comply with regulations protecting intellectual property. You may not pirate music, movies, games or software. Any use of copyrighted materials must be consistent with U.S. copyright laws.
  • You may not attach any unauthorized device (including wireless routers, hubs, and switches) to the network. You are not permitted to alter network hardware in any way.
  • Your use of the network must comply with applicable laws. You may not use your network connection for hacking (i.e., attempting unauthorized network access to any system). You may not use the network for unauthorized access to any Morris campus or U of M administrative systems. You may not connect any device or run any software which attempts to “sniff” the network (i.e., to intentionally receive data not addressed to your own computer). You may not make any use of the network with intent to defraud.
  • Your use of the network must also be courteous to other network users. You may not run nuisance jobs designed to impact any system. You may not intentionally disseminate computer viruses. In electronic communications, you may not attempt to forge name or address information. Obscene or harassing messages to any Internet user or group are outlawed by Federal,State, and local laws.
  • You may not extend or re-transmit network services in any way, and you may not provide Internet access to other users by using your networked computer as a bridge or gateway.
  • Use of the network for commercial purposes is prohibited. You may not run a for-profit business using Morris campus network resources. Uses of the network must be consistent with the educational goals and purposes of the network.

Administration and enforcement of these policies is the responsibility of Information Technology. Violations may result in temporary or permanent revocation of network access privileges. Serious violations will be referred to the Student Behavior Committee and may result in other penalties including suspension, expulsion, or criminal prosecution.

If you’re unsure about the meaning of any of these rules, please contact the Helpdesk to learn more. Comments regarding the Residence Hall Network Usage Policy should be directed to Information Technology or to the Academic Support Services Committee.