Morris IT staff will purchase computers, laptops, tablets, and printers for campus employees. The following standard configurations, designed to fulfill University enterprise and network security requirements, should meet the needs of most users.

To purchase a standard configuration device, contact Rebecca Webb. For a consultation regarding whether or not a standard configuration device meets your needs, please contact the Help Desk.

Tech Fee funding may be applicable to your purchase.

Standard Configuration Devices


Dell sells devices to the University at a significant discount that includes a required three-year warranty. Prices are subject to change.

Desktop:5050sff (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, i5)
    • $750 (This price does NOT include a monitor or soundbar. Be aware that IT does not always have monitors on hand and you should consider buying one.)
    • Full specs
    • Monitor - 23" Dell, $170
    • Sound bar - AC511, $27
Laptop: Latitude 5480 (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, i5)
    • $1,250
    • Full specs
    • This device is not compatible with an EPortPlus Dock.  The compatible dock is a WD15, appoximately $140.
Dock: WD15
    • Approximately $140
    • 130W power supply
    • You will likely need to buy cords or adapters with your dock, especially if you will be connecting monitors. They cost approximately $10 each.  To learn which cords to order, please contact the Help Desk.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface Pro devices are purchased through the University Bookstore.  The required warranty must be purchased for each device.  Prices are subject to change.

Surface Pro 4: Bundle (Pen, Cover, Tablet with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, i5)
    • $1,200 (add an additional $250 for 3-year CPS warranty and $160 for a dock)
    • Full specs
    • A Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Docking Station is available for approximately $200.


Apple/Macintosh devices must be purchased through the University Bookstore.  AppleCare warranty must be purchased for each device.  Prices are subject to change.

Desktop: iMac 21" (8GB RAM, 1TB  Fusion, i5)

    • $1,371 (add an additional $120 for AppleCare)
    • Full specs

Laptop: Macbook Pro 13 (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, i5)

Note: The standard configuration Macbook Pro laptop now comes with 2 Thunderbolt Ports (one of which is needed when charging) and a headphone jack (audio in/out). There is no DVD drive. There is no touch bar.  There are no ports for flash drives or other USB devices. There is no HDMI port or any other type of monitor/display connection. There is no Ethernet port for connecting to the internet through a cable.

If you need more ports or docking ability, we recommend either this 10Port dock or this 13Port dock that we will purchase for you along with your laptop.

Again, you will need to consult with the Help Desk if you suspect you need a more robust Macbook Pro.

Air: Macbook Air 13 (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, i7)

  • $1,136 (add an additional $200 for AppleCare)
  • Full Specs


The current recommendation is the HP LaserJet Pro m477.  This is a multi-function color printer.  There are two options.  PLEASE NOTE: Wireless printing is not permitted on the UMM network.

    • fdn:  RECOMMENDED.  This one has automatic duplexing.  $399.  Specs.
    • fnw.  Slightly cheaper.  No automatic duplexing. If you want to print on both sides of the paper, you'll have to print of one side of the paper and the manually flip and print on the other side.  NOTE: IT will turn off the wireless functionality as wireless printing is not permitted on the UMM network.  $390.  Specs.