My Accounts

My Account Options

The University allows users to manage their accounts settings through the “My Account” tool. This tool allows users to manage many aspects of their account including the following.

  • Changing your password
  • Student self-service password change secrets
  • Changing your google desktop/mobile client password
  • Managing your Duo Authentication
  • Email account management
  • Directory Information
  • Other Accounts
    • Active Directory
    • Google

Service Offerings

Faculty & Staff Accounts

Faculty or Staff Leaving the U without Retiring

If the University Human Resources system indicates that a staff person has left the University without retiring, their e-mail account will remain active for about three weeks following their last day of employment.

The staff University Internet ID will remain active until the end of the calendar year following the last year of employment. For example, if the last day of employment was 4/13/11, the account will remain active until 12/31/12. This permits the user to log on to the University’s Office of Human Resources Employee Self Service Web site to access their Self Service Actions, such as pay statements, flexible spending accounts, etc.

Departing staff many forward mail until the end of the current calendar year. Their directory entries are maintained so their IDs and passwords may be used to set the forwarding address.

Faculty or Staff Leaving the U and Retiring


  • When the University Human Resources system indicates that you have retired, your email account will remain active for life, provided you access it every 90 days.


  • Calendaring is available as long as you are on the directory. To remain on the directory you will need to log into a University service and/or use email regularly.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • VPN isavailable as long as the email account is open.

Active Directory

  • Active Directory accounts are automatically disabled when the employee status changes to retired.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts last as long as the user logs in with the ID at least once per year (once every 12 months).

The system checks about every six months to make sure they have a valid email non-University email address. If the outside email becomes inactive, the system will deactivate the guest ID.

My Library Account

UMM students, staff, and faculty can view active library loans, interlibrary loan requests, renew Briggs Library items, and see any relevant fines or overdue notices by using My Library Account.

Student Accounts

New Students

Student email accounts are created upon application not matriculation. So a student with the following listing will also have email: Last registration: Applied for admission.

Two Factor Authentication

While initiating your account or changing your password you may be prompted to enable DUO Security Two-Factor Authentication where you will need to enroll your device (personal cellphone, landline, or token). 

Student Leaving the U Without a Degree

Email goes away after a semester plus a grace semester and summer doesn't count, so if I last registered in spring 2010, summer doesn't count, fall is the grace semester and if I still don't register in spring 2011, email will go away after the add/drop period is over.

  • The Internet ID remains active for 5 years.

Student Leaving the U With a Degree

Email is available for life, but you must access it every 3 months or so to keep it active.

After Graduation

After graduation your account remains with the University of Minnesota, but your access to different tools provided by the University my change.

University Tools after graduation