Maintenance Contracts

Morris Campus computers and printers are protected by warranties and a maintenance contract.


When we purchase desktop or laptop computers for University use, we usually purchase a three-year extended warranty (one year for printers). During that time period, the vendor will repair or replace the item for free.


After the warranty expires, we use a maintenance agreement. We strongly recommend desktops and laptops go on maintenance after the third year. Office printers should be put on maintenance after the first year.

Service Expectations

Priority* Resolution Target Communication
High 8 hours (1 business day) Every 2 hours
Moderate 16 hours (2 business days) Every day
Low 32 hours (4 business days) Every day

* Priority level is set by Morris campus personnel.

Premium Maintenance

For an additional monthly fee (currently $15), machines can be placed under premium maintenance. Premium maintenance provides a resolution target of 4 hours, extended support hours (M-F until 8:00pm), and an annual checkup.

Spare Equipment

Some spare equipment is on hand for emergency replacements. There is no guarantee that we will have a spare on-hand if your equipment needs to be replaced on short notice.

Replacing Your Equipment

The recommendation is to replace desktops and laptops every four years. Use the warranty in the first three years, and put the computer on the maintenance agreement for the additional year(s).