Information Literacy

Information literacy instruction introducing students to basic concepts of research and library resources are often integrated into Writing for the Liberal Arts (ENGL 1601) as well as Intellectual Community (IC) first-year courses.

  • Library orientation for incoming and international students
  • In-depth library research sessions tailored to individual discipline classes
  • Personalized instruction in research with extensive practice on computers
  • Workshops and research consultations tailored to the demands of course instructors and specific student populations
  • Campus-wide workshops on new information technologies, such as EndNote and Qualtrics, for faculty and interested individuals
  • The opportunity for an embedded librarian in your classroom
  • Librarian involvement in your Moodle course, including creating of online, Web-based tools targeted to your particular course or assignment
  • Faculty-librarian collaboration to design effective research assignments and incorporate information literacy concepts into your course