Service Offerings

Google On Air

Google On Air is an easy way to stream video to multiple participants. Some features include:

Interactive TV (ITV)

UMM fully supports Interactive Television and Telepresence protocols (h.323) for meetings and calls. The primary location for this is in HFA 7, which is permanently set up for this purpose and can accomodate about 12 people. Larger groups can be set up in HFA 45 (The Learning Studio) as well as several other locations around campus. 

Speaker Phones

Speaker phones for faculty and staff teleconferencing may be picked up at the Telecommunications Office located on the lower level on Camden Hall, room 9. Note: If you are placing long distance calls from a conference area or seminar room on campus, you will need a 7-digit authorization code which can be obtained from this office as well.

Web Conferencing

This service enables members of the University community to host on-demand web presentations and to communicate and collaborate through web conferences and webcasts. Available tools include Google Hangouts, Google Hangouts On Air, and UMConnect.