Communication Tools

The University provides a number of technology tools to help facilitate communication. The office of University Relations available to assist with your communication needs.

Service Offerings


Blog publishing tool from Google

The Telecommunications Department provides local and long distance service to the entire Morris campus. We have an onsite telephone technician on campus to make our adds, moves, and changes as quick and smooth as possible. Voicemail is provided to the students, staff, and faculty.

There are numerous email lists for the convenience of Morris campus students, faculty, and staff. UMMFACPA, UMMUSA, and UMM-ALL-EMPLOYEES are for messages of University business. Examples include announcements about class seminars, conference opportunities, and job postings.

Email Services

The University of Minnesota provides email accounts to all eligible faculty, staff, and students. Additional services are also available for managing email. Some of these are provided by default; others require the user to opt in. Initially, all email accounts are basic client/server accounts.

Email is a common good service provided by the Office of Information Technology. Central email service for the Twin Cities, Morris, and Crookston campuses include mail routing, spam blocking, virus filtering, and the Gophermail WebMail client. In addition, the University has partnered with Google to offer Google Apps for the University of Minnesota's students, staff, and faculty. Partnering Google will give the University community access to a suite of state-of-the-art communication and collaboration tools, which includes Gmail.

Google Groups

Google Groups is all about helping users connect with people, access information, and communicate effectively over email and on the web. With members of your team all in the same group, Google Groups makes it easy for sharing things like Google Calendars and Docs with one another.

Google On Air

Google On Air is an easy way to stream video to multiple participants. Some features include:

Google Sites

Create Web sites and secure group wikis.

Mass Email

Formerly known as ExactTarget, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the enterprise-supported tool for sending mass email communications to both internal and external audiences at the University.

Student Email Lists


Messages sent to students addressed as UMMOFFICIAL come from the Office of the Registrar, Student Accounts (Business Office) and/or the Financial Aid Office. Occasionally urgent messages from university administrators are also sent to this list. The information contained in these messages includes material that is considered of the greatest importance, required for students' academic careers.

Other Options

If your message subject does not meet the criteria to be sent to the ummofficial list, but you want to reach a large number of Morris campus current students, consider using the Student Organization Leaders’ Network mailing list,, which currently includes over 300 of the most active student leaders.

Another option is which goes to most Morris campus students. It is for messages that may be of interest to the entire student body but do not meet the ummofficial criteria. Students who are new to campus may choose to opt in to the email list. Students who were here last semester and already on the list, you are still on the email list and do not need to do anything.

  • To unsubscribe from this list, send mail to: containing the message: unsubscribe ummstudents
  • To re-add yourself from the list, send mail to: containing the message: subscribe ummstudents


TXT-U is the University of Minnesota's emergency notification text messaging system. Everyone in the University community who has a mobile phone number listed in their personal information is automatically be enrolled in TXT-U and will receive emergency text messages.

Detailed information on how use configure and use voicemail on the Morris campus.


Video conference

  • View full screen or adjust proportions with liquid layout
  • See up to 7 people’s video feeds
  • Watch video feeds and sharing side-by-side

Share anything on your screen

  • Show your whole desktop.
  • Or just one application — and keep the rest private.


  • Everything in your meeting — including video feeds.

HD Voice

  • Crystal clear sound quality when you join by VoIP.