Account Initiation

Claim Your Account

New Students

The first step to getting online at the U of M is to get your UMN Internet ID and password by claiming your account. Go to the "Claim Account" page. Only students can claim their account. Family members can be given access through the Parent/Guest View Access.

  • Claim Account - Note: If you are an international student, leave the Social Security Number (SSN) field blank.

Manage Your Account Options

Once you have claimed your account, you can make changes to your account on the My Account page, such as changing or resetting your password, or managing your email options.

Enroll in and use Duo Security

The University uses Duo Security (two-factor authentication) to secure all current students, faculty, and staff internet accounts. Soon after registering for classes, new students will be prompted to enroll in Duo.

Transfer Students from another University of Minnesota college

  • If you are a transfer students from within the University of Minnesota system you will not need to claim your account. The account you used at the previous University of Minnesota college will work at Morris.
  • Forgot Your Password?

Faculty & Staff Steps

  1. Hired by the University
  2. Fill out payroll documents with Human Resources
  3. Payroll documents processed by Human Resources and Univeristy of Minnesota Office of Information Technology.
  4. New employee visits a Technology support office to receive temporary password.
  5. New employee uses temporary password to create “permanent” password.